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Related citizenship projects

EUDO CITIZENSHIP was launched in January 2009 and initially mainly financed by the EUCITAC (Access to Citizenship in Europe) project funded by the EIF (European Integration Fund for non-EU immigrants). The EUCITAC project enabled us to build our legal and statistical databases, to publish country and comparative reports, to start our forum debates and working paper series and to develop many other features of the EUDO CITIZENSHIP website.

EUDO CITIZENSHIP builds on earlier and parallel projects analyzing citizenship laws and policies in Europe.

These are the NATAC project (Acquisition and Loss of Nationality in the EU-15 states), funded by the European Commission’s 6th Framework Programme, and the CPNEU project (Citizenship Policies in the New Europe) which generated analysis of citizenship policies in the EU-10 accession states of 2004 plus Turkey and was carried out within the IMISCOE Network of Excellence on International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe. Click here for a policy brief summarising the results of these projects

Since 2009, the British Academy has supported the CITMODES project (Acquisition and Loss of Citizenship in and across Modern European States), which provided an initial platform for collecting online data and reports at a website hosted by the Europa Institute of the University of Edinburgh and which serves now to expand the EUDO CITIZENSHIP observatory to states in the EU neighbourhood and to support networking activities.

The NATAC, CPNEU and CITMODES networks have been in large part incorporated into the EUDO CITIZENSHIP observatory. Among the main objectives of EUDO CITIZENSHIP are:

• to periodically update the information on citizenship laws and policies
• to make this information freely accessible online
• to expand the comparison by adding new countries.

The previous projects had covered the EU-25 of 2004 plus Turkey. Now EUDO Citizenship covers 47 states in Europe and 20 states in the Americas. In the course of 2016 and 2017, EUDO Citizenship will expand its geographical coverage even further. Our New Zealand profile is already live, and we have commissioned country and comparative reports on a number of countries and regions in Asia and in Australia. These will be available on our website shortly.

Between 2009 and 2014, EUDO CITIZENSHIP co-director Jo Shaw held a prestigious European Research Council Advanced Investigator Grant for the CITSEE project. CITSEE (The Europeanisation of Citizenship in the Successor States of the Former Yugoslavia) offered a comparative and contextualised study of the citizenship regimes of the seven successor states of the former Yugoslavia in their broader European context. It provided EUDO CITIZENSHIP with in-depth analyses of citizenship regimes in the western Balkans.

In 2016, European Research Council (ERC) has awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant to EUDO CITIZENSHIP Co-Director Maarten Vink for his project ‘Migrant Life Course and Legal Status Transition’ (MiLifeStatus). Investigating whether citizenship provides a boost to migrant integration, MiLifeStatus project will build on the results of the earlier EUDO CITIZENSHIP project on the ‘Access to Citizenship and Its Impact on Immigrant Integration.


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