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"The EUDO CITIZENSHIP observatory has become the most comprehensive source of information on citizenship laws in European states. With updated information on and analysis of modes of acquisition and loss as well as citizenship case law, it provides not only a one-stop shop for data but also valuable country reports, comparative statistics, links and bibliography. As a citizenship studies scholar and activist, I now use the EUDO site regularly especially when I am asked to comment on various developments in citizenship law and politics. The country reports have been especially invaluable for developing comparative insights on and understanding of how each country has been transforming its citizenship laws in response to international law and governance. It also provides a well designed and thoughtful forum on citizenship inviting the most prominent citizenship scholars to comment on issues such as citizenship tests. I really don’t know of a comparably rich and well designed source of information on citizenship laws and politics as EUDO. I hope not only that this site will continue to provide its current services but that also it expands its remit from European states to others states in the world."

Engin Isin, Open University, Chief Editor of the journal Citizenship Studies