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The Association Council for Human Dignity is assisting a Hungarian retiree living in Slovakia and her daughter to submit a case to the European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg concerning her loss of citizenship of the Slovak Republic. The case does not seem to have been filed yet.
Ilona Tamásová from Rimavská Sobota, who will be 100 this year, and her 66 year old daughter received Hungarian citizenship in October 2011. On the basis of the current Slovak citizenship law they have lost their Slovak citizenship.
The purpose of the appeal to the ECtHR on February 15 2012 is to regain the Slovak citizenship and permanent residence. Tamásová’s claim includes the request for compensation and for changes in the Slovak legal system. Lomnici, the director of the Council for Human Dignity and former President of the Supreme Court of Hungary justified the appeal and specified that they have requested a decision “with applicability to other members of the Hungarian minority in Slovakia who were deprived of their right.” He stated that he hopes other Hungarians in Slovakia will use this legal remedy and, if successful, they could apply international pressure on Slovakia which will then have to be ready to pay also compensation. Recently, four other persons have sought legal advice regarding the loss of Slovak citizenship due to acquiring Hungarian citizenship.
Tamásová acquired Hungarian citizensihp last April. She was aware that she has to announce this acquisition to the Slovak authorities or face a fine of about 3,000 EUR. She therefore sent a letter to Slovak administrative offices. Citing the Slovak Constitution, she declared in her letter that she does not wish to give up her Slovak citizenship. Despite this, she has received a request to surrender her citizenship documents.
Transalted by EUDO CITIZENSHIP Expert Dagmar Kusa from: www.plusky.sk (seen on 17 Februar 2012, 20:40)
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