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Citizenship Forum

Questions about citizenship are at the centre of academic as well as political controversies. EUDO CITIZENSHIP encourages open debates based on evidence and knowledge, and conducted in a spirit of mutual respect.


Cloud Communities: The Dawn of Global Citizenship?
Current forum debate

Kickoff contribution by Liav Orgad

Should EU citizenship be duty-free?
Past forum debate

Kickoff contribution by Maurizio Ferrera

Comment by Christian Joppke, Susanne K. Schmidt, Frank Vandenbroucke, Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen, Andrea Sangiovanni, Martin Seeleib-Kaiser, Julia Hermann, Richard Bellamy, Rainer Bauböck, Theresa Kuhn, Ilaria Madama, Anton Hemerijck, Dora Kostakopoulou, Sandra Seubert, Philippe Van Parijs, and a rejoinder by Maurizio Ferrera

Freedom of movement under attack: Is it worth defending as the core of EU citizenship?
Past forum debate

Kickoff contribution by Floris de Witte

Comments by Daniel Thym, Richard Bellamy, Päivi Johanna Neuvonen, Vesco Paskalev, Saara Koikkalainen, Rainer Bauböck, Sarah Fine, Martijn van den Brink, Julija Sardelić, Kieran Oberman, Glyn Morgan, Reuven (Ruvi) Ziegler, Martin Ruhs, and a rejoinder by Floris de Witte

Download the Working Paper with contributions to this debate

Bloodlines and Belonging: Time to Abandon Ius Sanguinis?
Past forum debate

Kickoff contribution by Costica Dumbrava

Comments by Rainer Baubock, Jannis Panagiotidis, Scott Titshaw, Kristin Collins, Lois Harder, Francesca Decimo, David Owen, Kerry Abrams, David de Groot, Iseult Honohan, Eva Ersbøll, Ana Tanasoca, Katja Swider and Caia Vlieks, and a rejoinder by Costica Dumbrava

Download the Working Paper with contributions to this debate

EUDO Citizenship Forum Archive

The Return of Banishment: Do the New Denationalisation Policies Weaken Citizenship?

Authors: Audrey Macklin, Comments by Peter Spiro, Peter H. Schuck, Christian Joppke, Vesco Paskalev, Bronwen Manby, Kay Hailbronner, Rainer Bauböck, Linda Bosniak, Daniel Kanstroom, Matthew J. Gibney, Ruvi Ziegler, Saskia Sassen, Jo Shaw, and a rejoinder by Audrey Macklin

Download the Working Paper with contributions to this debate

Independence Referendums: Who should vote and who should be offered citizenship?

Authors: Ruvi Ziegler, Comments by: Bernard Ryan, Rainer Bauböck, Dimitrios Kyritsis, Guy Laforest and Eric Montigny, Jaume López, Pietka-Nykaza, Jure Vidmar, Ben Saunders, Vesco Paskalev, Dora Kostakopoulou, Jaime Lluch, Vincent Laborderie, Daniel Weinstock, Montserrat Guibernau, Dirk Jacobs, Jo Shaw, Ruvi Ziegler

Download the Working Paper with contributions to this debate

Should citizenship be for sale?

Authors: Ayelet Shachar, Comments by: Peter Spiro, Raul Magni-Berton, Chris Armstrong, Roxana Barbulescu, Jelena Dzankic, Rainer Bauböck, Paulina Ochoa, Vesco Paskalev, Dimitry Kochenov, David Owen, Jo Shaw and Hannes Swoboda with a coda by Ayelet Shachar and a summary by Rainer Bauböck.

Download the Working Paper with contributions to this debate

Should EU citizens living in other member states vote there in national elections?

Authors: Philippe Cayla and Catriona Seth, Comments by: Philippe Cayla, Catriona Seth, Rainer Bauböck, Alain Brun, Andrew Duff, David Owen, Dimitry Kochenov, Jo Shaw, Richard Bellamy, Kees Groenendijk, Hannes Swoboda, Martin Wilhelm, Dora Kostakopoulou, Ángel Rodríguez, Sue Collard, Tony Venables, Roxana Barbulescu

Download the Working Paper with contributions to this debate

Which indicators are most useful for comparing citizenship policies?

Authors: Marc Helbling, Comments by: Marc Helbling, David Reichel, Maarten Vink, Jan Willem Duyvendak, Rogier van Reekum, Peter Scholten, Christophe Bertossi, Thomas Janoski, Thomas Huddleston, Anita Manatschal

Download the Working Paper with contributions to this debate

Has the European Court of Justice Challenged Member State Sovereignty in Nationality Law?

Authors: Jo Shaw, Comments by: Jo Shaw, Michael Dougan, Gareth T. Davies, Dimitry Kochenov, Oxana Golynker, Dora Kostakopoulou, Gerard René De Groot and Anja Seling

Download the Working Paper with contributions to this debate

Dual citizenship for transborder minorities? How to respond to the Hungarian-Slovak tit-for-tat

Authors: Rainer Bauböck, Comments by: Rainer Bauböck, Mária Kovács, Peter J. Spiro, Andrei Stavila, Joachim Blatter, Florian Bieber, Erin Jenne and Stephen Deets, Gábor Egry, André Liebich, Enikő Horváth

Download the Working Paper with contributions to this debate

How liberal are citizenship tests?

Authors: , Comments by: Christian Joppke, Ines Michalowski, Kees Groenendijk and Ricky van Oers, Amanda Klekowski von Koppenfels, Joseph Carens, Dora Kostakopoulou, Liav Orgad, Randall Hansen, Sergio Carrera and Elspeth Guild, Sara Wallace Goodman

Download the Working Paper with contributions to this debate

Is there (still) an East-West divide in the conception of citizenship in Europe?

Authors: , Comments by: Andre Liebich, Mária M. Kovács, Shushanik Makaryan, Constantin Iordachi, Costica Dumbrava, Raymond Taras

Download the Working Paper with contributions to this debate


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