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Report on Citizenship Law[pdf] by Järve, Priit - Poleshchuk, Vadim

Published: November 2009 - Latest Update: January 2013

Report on Naturalisation Procedures[pdf] by Poleshchuk, Vadim

Published: February 2013

Report on Electoral Rights[pdf] by Laatsit, Marja-Liisa

Published: September 2013

Handbook on Access to Citizenship and its Impact on Immigrant Integration [Estonian] [pdf]

Handbook on Access to Citizenship and its Impact on Immigrant Integration [English] [pdf]

Country expert(s)

Järve, Priit

Laatsit, Marja-Liisa

Poleshchuk, Vadim

Current citizenship law

Citizenship Act 1995 (consolidated English version as amended by Act of 15 June 2006) LANGUAGE: uk


Kodakondsuse seadus 1995 (consolidated Estonian version)[external link] LANGUAGE: Estonia


Please note: the English consolidated version does not include amendments to the Citizenship Act enacted after 2006.  For the most recent consolidated version of the legislation, please consult the link to the Estonian version.

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Translations and a brief discussion of the use of the terms "citizenship" and "nationality" in legal documents and political debates

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Domestic case law Estonia domestic case law
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Estonian Prime Minister: Draft law does not introduce a “zero option” for citizenship

Estonia: Parliament adopts amendments simplifying citizenship acquisition procedures

Estonian government approves bill facilitating acquisition of citizenship for children and elderly

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