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Report on Citizenship Law[pdf] by Petursson, Gunnar Thor - Jóhannesson, Gudni Th.

Published: October 2009 - Latest Update: January 2013

Report on Naturalisation Procedures[pdf] by Petursson, Gunnar Thor

Published: March 2013

Country expert(s)

Jóhannesson, Gudni Th.

Petursson, Gunnar Thor

Current citizenship law

Act No. 100/1952 Icelandic Nationality Act (consolidated English version as amended by Act No. 40/2012)[external link] LANGUAGE: uk


Lög nr. 100/1952 um íslenskan ríkisborgararétt (consolidated Icelandic version as amended by Act No. 40/2012)[external link] LANGUAGE: Iceland

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Translations and a brief discussion of the use of the terms "citizenship" and "nationality" in legal documents and political debates

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Iceland adopts procedural amendments to the Citizenship Act

Iceland Parliament declines Snowden's citizenship bid

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