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Report on Citizenship Law[pdf]

Published: November 2012

Country expert(s)

el-Khoury, Melkar

Hourani, Guita

Jaulin, Thibaut

Current citizenship law

Decree No. 15 on Lebanese citizenship (English consolidated version as last amended 11/01/1960) LANGUAGE: uk


قرار رقم ١٥ تاريخ ١٩ كانون الثاني ١٩٢٥ (مع تعديلاته) يختص بالتابعية اللبنانية (Consolidated version in French and Arabic) LANGUAGE: Lebanon


Please Note: the French language version in the file above is a consolidated version of Decree No. 15 as last amended 11/01/1960, whilst the Arabic language version is of Decree No. 15 as enacted.  A list of amendments to Decree No. 15 can be found in the national chronology of legislation.

Decree No15 on Lebanese Nationality LANGUAGE: uk


قانون الجنسية اللبناني قرار رقم 15 LANGUAGE: Lebanon

Law for descendants of Lebanese LANGUAGE: uk


قانون استعادة الجنسية  LANGUAGE: Lebanon

Chronological table

Chronology of legislation


Translations and a brief discussion of the use of the terms "citizenship" and "nationality" in legal documents and political debates

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Domestic case law Lebanon domestic case law
International and European case law Lebanon International and European case law
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Lebanon starts revoking citizenship from those who had irregularly acquired it in 1994

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