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Report on Citizenship Law[pdf] by Kusa, Dagmar

Published: November 2009 - Latest Update: January 2013

Report on Naturalisation Procedures[pdf] by Kusa, Dagmar

Published: May 2013

Report on Electoral Rights[pdf] by Kazaz, Jana

Published: December 2014

Country expert(s)

Kazaz, Jana

Kusa, Dagmar

Current citizenship law

Act No. 40/1993 Coll. on Citizenship of the Slovak Republic (consolidated English version as last amended by Act no. 250/2010 Coll.) LANGUAGE: uk


Zákon Národnej rady Slovenskej republiky z 19. januára 1993 o štátnom občianstve Slovenskej republiky (consolidated Slovak version as last amended by Act no. 250/2010 Coll.) LANGUAGE: Slovakia

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Translations and a brief discussion of the use of the terms "citizenship" and "nationality" in legal documents and political debates

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120 people asked for return of Slovak citizenship since 1 January 2016

Is the Slovak Citizenship Act unconstitutional? The Constitutional Court leaves the question open

Slovak Constitutional Court validates controversial ban on dual citizenship

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