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Citizenship Case Law


The Greek State Council (Συμβούλιο Eπικρατείας, Symvoulio Epikrateias) is the exclusive jurisdictional authority in the country entitled to deal with issues related to loss, (re)acquisition and revocation of nationality.

The nature of the Greek nationality law (full discretionary powers of the competent authorities, no deadlines for cases pertaining to nationality loss, acquisition and reacquisition) has not left much space for the State Council to provide a case-law that would drastically bring about changes to the nationality regime in the country.

As illustrated by the cases below, a trend of liberalisation in all cases related to nationality seems to rule the overall evolution of the relevant case law since the early thirties when the State Council was established . This trend is visible in the two thematic areas that the Court has dealt with, i.e.:

- nationality withdrawal of Greek citizens belonging to ethnic minorities and
- justification of the rejection of naturalisation.

A more restrictive approach was however adopted in the late nineties and into the 2000s in cases of nationality revocations related to false information or fraud in the procedure of acquisition of nationality for the ethnic Greek returnees from the former Soviet Union. But even within these areas the Court gradually introduced new considerations that favour legal certainty and residence guarantees for the people who acquire Greek nationality.

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Title Country Court Date Full Text
Case 460/2013 on the constitutionality of nationality acquisition via declaration and political part...   [details ▼] Greece Greek State Council - Plenary 04/02/2013 N\A
Case 1242/2007 Dissenting opinion on naturalization justification/reference to de lege ferenda princ...   [details ▼] Greece Greek State Council - Fourth Chamber 04/11/2007 National Citizenship Document
Case 474/2005 on the dissenting opinion on naturalisation justification for spouses of Greek citizen...   [details ▼] Greece Greek State Council 06/05/2005 National Citizenship Document
Case 602/2003 on Revocation of nationality acquisition acts due to fraud/principles of legal certain...   [details ▼] Greece Greek State Council - Plenary 23/04/2003 National Citizenship Document
Case 1233/202 Nationality revocation due to fraud after the elapse of six years   [details ▼] Greece Greek State Council - Fourth Chamber 05/09/2002 National Citizenship Document
Case 209/1993 on the constitutionality of the nationality withdrawal act   [details ▼] Greece Greek State Council 02/09/1993 National Citizenship Document
Case 110/1983 on the non-justification of naturalisation decision/compliance with rule of law princi...   [details ▼] Greece Greek State Council 23/04/1983 National Citizenship Document
Case 2756/1983 on the question of who is an ethnic Greek foreigner   [details ▼] Greece Greek State Council - Fourth Chamber 22/02/1983 N\A
Case 57/81 on the question of who is the non-ethnic Greek citizen (allogenis) potentially subjected ...   [details ▼] Greece Greek State Council 03/06/1981 National Citizenship Document
Cases 717/1964 and 1398/1964 on the obligation of justification of withdrawal of nationality   [details ▼] Greece Greek State Council 03/03/1964 National Citizenship Document