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International Legal Norms


This section of EUDO CITIZENSHIP gives you access to a database of international legal documents (Treaties/Covenants, Declarations, Resolutions, Recommendations, Protocols, and Explanatory Reports) pertaining to acquisition and loss of citizenship.

You can search directly for international legal documents and will then obtain a list of countries that adhere to these legal norms (including information on signatures, ratifications, declarations, reservations or denouncements). You can also use the search engines of the Council of Europe or of the UN Treaty Series to search for relevant international treaties.

Alternatively, you can choose a country and obtain a list of all relevant international legal norms to which this country adheres as well as a list of those to which it is not party.

Finally, we also include relevant international case law (decisions by the International Court of Justice, the European Court of Justice and other international bodies).

International Norms Database

Search in the database. You can select one or more search criteria