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Introduction to National Citizenship Laws

In addition to current versions of national laws regulating the acquisition and loss of citizenship in 67 countries (including 47 countries in Europe and 19 countries in the Americas) covered by EUDO CITIZENSHIP, you will find here a collection of thematically related laws, constitutional provisions, bilateral agreements and government decrees since 1985 or 1989. Some historical laws as well as some legal provisions that were passed before 1985 have been included in the database because of their importance for understanding current legislation.

You can search our legislative database by country and by title/keyword (eg naturalisation, statelessness, refugee, etc.).

The database includes the following variables: Country, Date of Enactment, Title of Document (English), Title of Document (original), Relevant Article(s) [if applicable], Publication/Source (English), Status of the Law (in force/repealed, bill, etc), Full Text (translated), Full Text (original), Hyperlinks to consolidated versions on the Internet.


Nationality Laws Database

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