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Protection against Statelessness Data

EUDO CITIZENSHIP Global Database on Protection Against Statelessness

The Global Database on Protection Against Statelessness, developed by the EUDO CITIZENSHIP Observatory in cooperation with UNHCR, includes information on the extent to which citizenship laws provide sufficient protection against statelessness, in light of the most important international standards. The database is organized around a comprehensive typology of modes of protection against statelessness which outlines, in a systematic way, 17 categories of persons that are at risk of being or becoming stateless. The typology of modes of protection against statelessness follows the logic of a more general typology on the modes of acquisition of citizenship and modes of loss of citizenship, as developed by the EUDO CITIZENSHIP Observatory.

The database currently covers 41 European states* and will gradually expand its geographical scope. In a first phase, the Global Database adds information on 35 states in the Americas and the Caribbean. The Database includes information on laws in force in these 76 European and American states on 1 January 2015 (in a future expansion we also aim to provide information about citizenship laws in force in the past, but this feature is not yet incorporated).


The database allows two types of searches (search types cannot be combined):

  • Country: search by country and view all regulations in one country.
  • Mode: search by mode and view regulations across countries.
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Both search types provide precise information on specific national rules on the procedures and conditions for the acquisition and loss of citizenship and the extent to which these rules provide sufficient protection against statelessness. Each assessment is grounded in an analysis of national rules in light of international norms on the protection against statelessness and refers to precise sources of international norms on safeguards against statelessness.

For a clarification of the terms used in this database, please refer to the EUDO Citizenship Glossary.

For a more extensive discussion of the relevant international norms on protection against statelessness, on the comparative methodology and a comprehensive discussion of the assessment of national rules in 36 European states, see a comparative report on protection against statelessness in Europe.

The Global Database on Protection Against Statelessness is developed and maintained by Maastricht University as core partner of EUDO CITIZENSHIP and the University of Liège. The project team at Maastricht University consists of Gerard-René de Groot and Maarten Vink. The team at Liège consists of Olivier Vonk (coordinator). The Database has been developed in cooperation with UNHCR.

This database is made available freely for non-commercial use by the general public. We ask that users of the database acknowledge its source when using the data in their publications. Please cite as follows:

EUDO CITIZENSHIP (2015). Global Database on Protection against Statelessness. San Domenico di Fiesole: European University Institute. Available at: http://eudo-citizenship.eu/databases/protection-against-statelessness.

For questions about this database, please contact Olivier Vonk.

For more information on statelessness, see the UNHCR Action on Statelessness, the European Network on Statelessness and the American Network on Nationality and Statelessness.


* The inclusion of Kosovo in this database is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo Declaration of Independence.