Citizenship Statistics

From this page you can access statistics on the acquisition of citizenship in countries covered by EUDO CITIZENSHIP.

For each country, insofar as these are available, you can find aggregate data from 1985 onwards on the following characteristics of acquisitions of citizenship: total number of acquisitions, mode of acquisition (procedure), citizenship of origin, country of birth, region of residence, sex, age, decisions on applications for naturalisation.

These data are summarised in charts on each country statistics page and can be downloaded in spreadsheet format for further analysis. Users can also export comparative tables, with a selection of countries, years, and acquisition characteristics.

The data were compiled by Maarten Vink and Deborah Werner, with assistance of Sara Wallace Goodman and Roxana Barbulescu.

Click here to visit the EUDO CITIZENSHIP Statistics database.

A forthcoming EUDO CITIZENSHIP Comparative Report on Citizenship Acquisition Statistics by Maarten Vink and Deborah Werner discusses the availability and limits of comparative European statistics and will provide an overview of trends across Europe.

For an earlier analysis of citizenship statistics in the EU-15 you can download here a 2006 book chapter by Harald Waldrauch based on data collected in the NATAC project.

The PROMINSTAT project provides a useful inventory of available statistics on migration and integration of immigrants, which includes also naturalisation statistics.

EUROSTAT collects data on acquisition of citizenship in all EU member states, EFTA and EU candidate countries, and provides a breakdown by age, sex and previous citizenship.

You can access here the EUROSTAT online database on acquisition of citizenship, the citizenship section in Eurostat’s "Statistics Explained", a short analytical publication on citizenship statistics.