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New amendments to the law on Romanian citizenship

The Emergency Government Order 65/2017 amending the law on Romanian citizenship came into force on 25 September 2017. The main reason for the modification was to clarify the procedure with regard to the citizenship status of children of persons who acquire or re-acquire Romanian citizenship. Previously, children of persons who became citizens could obtain citizenship together with their parents by having their names listed in the citizenship certificates of their parents. However, due to divergent interpretations of the law, many of these children faced difficulties in obtaining Romanian identity documents because they could not adequately prove their citizenship. The new amendment introduced the obligation to issue separate individual citizenship documents for these children.

The order also clarifies the procedure regarding the acquisition of citizenship by children adopted by Romanian citizen(s). However, it also imposes a new condition, namely that adopted children must reside on the territory of the country in order to acquire citizenship.

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