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EUDO CITIZENSHIP offers a selection of media reports and news summaries on significant legislative changes, court decisions, policy developments, political campaigns or other events concerning citizenship in Europe and beyond.

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Foreign academics barred from advising the UK government on Brexit

The Guardian reports that academics who are not British nationals will not be allowed to act as expert advisers to the UK government on matters related to Brexit. This has caused concern among the members of the academic community. The spokesman of the Liberal Democrats for the EU Nick Clegg has described this policy as ‘evidence of the Conservatives’ alarming embrace of petty chauvinism over rational policymaking’.

 Read the article in The Guardian.

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The UK government pledges to give vote to expatriates, referendum voting still on an ad hoc basis

In a policy statement of 7 October, the UK Minister for the Constitution, Chris Skidmore announced that the country would remove the 15-year limit on the exercise of voting rights for British citizens abroad. All British citizens would therefore receive the lifelong right to vote in national parliamentary elections. 

In the accompanying consultation paper, the UK government stipulated that rules for referenda would still be decided on ad hoc basis.

Read the policy statement here and the consultation paper here.

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Four Korean diplomats summoned back over dual citizenship of their children

Four Korean diplomats who had been posted in African, European and Middle Eastern countries were summoned back to their country in late 2015 and early 2016. Their mandates ended prematurely because their children were dual nationals. 

In early 2016, Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided that diplomats whose children are dual nationals are not allowed to hold overseas consular general or ambassadorial posts.

Read more here.

No alien voting rights in Chur, Switzerland

The municipal parliament in Chur, Switzerland (canton of Graubünden) has rejected a proposal from the social democratic party to introduce alien voting rights. All parties apart from the social democrats voted against the proposal. Non-citizens should get voting rights only once they naturalize, they insisted.

In the canton of Graubünden, since 2003, municipalities have the option to introduce such rights if they want to. Only 18 out of 112 municipalities have introduced them so far.

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A number of Swiss citizens by marriage at risk of statelessness

The Tages Anzeiger has reported that a number of foreign nationals who obtained Swiss citizenship through marriage are potentially at risk of statelessness (if their country of origin does not accept dual nationality). The Swiss citizenship through marriage can be revoked up to eight years after the marriage took place if the authorities suspect it to be fraudulent.

Read more in The Local, the original report in Tages Anzeiger (in German) and consult our country profile pages for details of current and past citizenship legislation in Switzerland.