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EUDO CITIZENSHIP offers a selection of media reports and news summaries on significant legislative changes, court decisions, policy developments, political campaigns or other events concerning citizenship in Europe and beyond.

We welcome suggestions for news items by our users. Proposals including the full text or internet link should be sent to EUDO.Citizenship@eui.eu. The EUDO CITIZENSHIP team will selectively publish news based on their significance and information content. We will not publish items whose content appears to be biased or otherwise problematic.

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Hollande drops plans to revoke citizenship of terrorism suspects

The French president François Hollande has dropped the draft legislation aimed at stripping convicted terrorists who are also dual nationals of their French passports and deporting them. The draft constitutional provisions had caused divisions within the president’s ruling Socialist party and led to the resignation of the justice minister Christiane Taubira.

Read more in The Guardian and consult our country profile pages for more details on current and past citizenship laws of France.


New law grants citizenship to grandchildren of Uruguayan citizens who reisde abroad

The Parliament of Uruguay has approved a law that naturalises not only children (as is the case at present) but also grandchildren born to Uruguayans who have settled abroad. This will enable the said persons to vote, in case they returned to live in Uruguay, as well as to run for office. 

Ana Margheritis, our EUDO Citizenship country expert for Uruguay notes that granting nationality to children of Uruguayans abroad beyond the first generation born outside the country has been debated in Uruguay in the last few years. In late 2013 the Frente Amplio (Broad Front, the coalition in government) encouraged the approval of a bill to grant nationality to grandchildren of emigrants. After long negotiations, on 20 December 2015 Congress finally passed Law 19362, thus introducing such an amendment to Law 16021 (published on 12 January 2016 in the Official Bulletin). Opposition parties argued that this change is unconstitutional (i.e., running counter article 74 of the National Constitution and not approved by the required two thirds of the votes). The change was also objected because, in connection with the initiative to permit extra-territorial voting rights to Uruguayans abroad also fostered by the Frente, it might be driven by the intention to attain long-term electoral gains for the coalition in power.

Read more in El Pais, and consult our country profile pages for details of current and past citizenship legislation in Uruguay.

Former president of Romania seeks Moldovan citizenship

The former president of Romania Traian Basescu and his wife are seeking the citizenship of Moldova. They base their decision of shared origins with the Moldovan people. 

Around half a million of Moldovan citizens benefitted from Romania’s external citizenship policy based on ancestry. Romanian citizens, unlike those of Moldova, benefit from the rights of EU citizenship.

Read more at Novinite and Balkan Insight, and check out our country profile pages for details of present and past citizenship legislation in Romania and Moldova.

Embassy and e-voting would facilitate electoral participation by Europeans living abroad

Europeans living abroad think it would be easier to vote in their country of origin if they could vote at the embassy or consulate (74%) or via electronic or online elections (71%).

Read more here, and consult our electoral rights database for information on electoral rights in the EU. 

Naturalisations in the UK and Ireland on the rise due to fears from Brexit

Due to fears of European Union (EU) nationals that the Brexit vote would jeopardise their status in the UK, naturalisation requests are on the increase. The sale of textbooks used for the preparation of the citizenship exam has quadrupled.

Meanwhile, UK citizens use their family ties with Ireland to secure an EU citizenship. The Irish Foreign Ministry has announced that the number of passport requests by people born in England, Scotland or Wales has increased sharply.

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