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EUDO CITIZENSHIP offers a selection of media reports and news summaries on significant legislative changes, court decisions, policy developments, political campaigns or other events concerning citizenship in Europe and beyond.

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Romanian Citizenship Offer to Moldovans: Exaggerated Fears in the European Union

Romania’s recent offer of citizenship to potentially large numbers of Moldovans has caused great concern in the European Union. There are fears that up to 1 million Moldovans might qualify for Romanian citizenship and could then use their free movement rights as EU citizens to migrate to other member states.

Constantin Iordachi (Central European University Budapest) explains for the EUDO citizenship observatory why these fears are exaggerated.

**UPDATE** July 13, 2010: Read the article "Romanian Passports For Moldovans. Entering the EU Through the Back Door" by Der Spiegel International (English)


ECHR, Moldova and Dual Nationality

ECHR: Moldova is the only CE member that allows dual nationality, but bans holders from holding public post (Nov. 2008)


For the actual Chamber Decision of the European Court of Human Rights, click here.