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EU Citizenship and Franchise Legislation and Policy Documents

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Primary legislation

In compiling a list of primary legislation we have included the relevant provisions on European citizenship in the Maastricht, Amsterdam and Lisbon Treaties. The Lisbon Treaty is currently in force. We have also included the Maastricht Treaty to show the evolution of the concept of European citizenship through the Treaties.

TEU/TFEU post Lisbon, 2009   [details ▼] 01 Dec 2009
EC Treaty, Amsterdam   [details ▼] 01 May 1999
Declaration on Nationality   [details ▼] 01 Nov 1993
EC Treaty, Maastricht   [details ▼] 01 Nov 1993

Secondary legislation

The following legal instruments deal with some of the core elements of EU citizenship, including electoral matters and the right to free movement and residence.

Amendment to European Parliament Elections Directive   [details ▼] 20 Dec 2012
Amendment to Regulation concerning Political Parties at the European level   [details ▼] 27 Dec 2007
Citizens' Rights Directive   [details ▼] 29 Apr 2004
Long-term Residence Directive   [details ▼] 25 Nov 2003
Regulation concerning Political Parties at the European level   [details ▼] 15 Nov 2003
Amendment to Direct Elections Act   [details ▼] 25 Jun 2002
Municipal Elections Directive   [details ▼] 19 Dec 1994
European Parliament Elections Directive   [details ▼] 06 Dec 1993
Direct Elections Act   [details ▼] 10 Aug 1976