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Recent publications on citizenship laws and policies


Citizenship Acquisition and Natural Belonging. Migration, Membership and the Liberal Democratic State

Edited by Gideon Calder, Phillip Cole and Jonathan Seglow. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010

What does it take to become a citizen of a particular nation? In a globalizing world, and with increasing international mobility, is it justified to restrict membership of a society? If so, on what grounds? Do societies need a distinctive national culture in order to thrive – and should this be a factor in the allocation of citizenship to those migrating from elsewhere? How is national identity actually perceived among the existing citizens of western countries?

Chapters by P. Cole, T. Torresi, D. Kostakopoulou, J. Hampshire, A. Shorten, D. Owen, R. Sales, R. Mann & S. Fenton, J. Seglow & G. Calder, and EUDO CITIZENSHIP Consortium Member Iseult Honohan. Click here to read the table of contents.


Citizenship in the Arab World


Gianluca Parolin, 2009: Citizenship in the Arab World, Amsterdam University Press

This book takes a broader legal perspective to the multifaceted reality of nationality and citizenship in the Arab world

The Policies of Citizenship in Europe


Marc Morjé Howard: Citizenship Politics in Europe, New York: Cambridge University Press, September 2009

This book offers a comparative political science analysis why European states have adopted different citizenship policies and why citizenship regimes in certain states have become more liberal in recent years.

Illiberal Liberal States. Immigration, Citizenship and Integration in the EU

Elspeth Guild, Kees Groenendijk and Sergio Carrera, 2009: Illiberal Liberal States. Immigration, Citizenship and Integration in the EU, Ashgate, October 2009

For an overview of the book on Ashgate, please click here.

To download chapter 1: Understanding the Contest of Community, click here

Citizenship Policies in the New Europe

Rainer Bauboeck, Bemhard Perchinig, Wiebke Sievers, editors: Citizenship Policies in the New Europe, Amsterdam University Press, August 2009

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