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Recent publications on citizenship laws and policies


Citizenship Policies in the New Europe

Rainer Bauboeck, Bemhard Perchinig, Wiebke Sievers, editors: Citizenship Policies in the New Europe, Amsterdam University Press, August 2009

For a preview of the book on Amsterdam University Press, please click here.

To download a leaflet presenting the book, click here.

Citizenship Law in Africa

Citizenship Law in Africa is a comparative study by the Open Society Justice Initiative and Africa Governance Monitoring and Advocacy Project. It describes the often arbitrary, discriminatory, and contradictory citizenship laws that exist from state to state, and recommends ways that African countries can bring their citizenship laws in line with international legal norms.

You can download the whole report from this page.

Struggles for Citizenship in Africa

Struggles for Citizenship in Africa brings together new material from across Africa of the most egregious examples of citizenship discrimination, and makes the case for urgent reform of laws and practices.

You can download the report from this page.

Citizenship Studies

Citizenship Studies has just published an issue on Realignments of Citizenship in Europe, edited by Rainer Bauböck and Virginie Guiraudon. This special issue discusses realignments of citizenship that challenge the common equation between the community of citizens and territorial populations of independent states form political philosophy, political science and legal perspectives. Contributions by the editors, Christine Chwaszcza, Michael Keating and Bruno de Witte. Click here for the table of contents.